Sweet Saturday 

Miss Bella and I are enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning on the patio. The sky is overcast, the temperature is a comfortable 66 degrees and doves are cooing and various birds chirping all around. So peaceful. My coffee even tastes better. A wonderful way to ease into my day. After coffee, I think I’ll go for a morning swim and then I plan on QUILTING! With my longarm! I haven’t had a quilt on since I finished my 2nd grandson’s quilt awhile back. Also, since then we moved to a new house and that involved taking down my machine and setting it back up. This will be the first quilting since the move in January. I picked up a couple QOV’s at our last guild meeting and need to get them done and back to guild for binding and labeling. Our next presentation is in October. I’m excited to participate in such a worthy project. Wish me luck it’s smooth sailing!

Miss Bella enjoying the morning.

A Friday Food Post

IMG_4175It’s been a minute, ok maybe a little longer than that, since I’ve paid my poor little blog any attention. Life has been overwhelmingly busy. Lots and lots of changes going on. I still intend to write a post about my father and our journey with Alzheimer’s disease. Father’s Day was pretty rough this year. But tonight, I’m just going to dip my toes back in with a simple post about food.

My own Tex-Mex-ish version of picadillo. This will be really yummy with a warm tortilla wrapped around it. I cook some hamburger and chopped potato together, seasoned with some salt, pepper and garlic. Tonight I had some yukon gold potatoes on hand, so I used those. Then I add some Rotel, and lots of chopped green chiles, and simmer it all together til the potatoes are cooked through. Heat the tortillas on the comal, and fill them up. Quite tasty.

Sunday Stitchin’

The orange row is sewn together! Five more colors to go. I’m not sewing the completed color rows together until all of them are complete and I can see in what order I think they look best.


Even though allergy season is in full bloom for me, Efren and I went for a 3.5 mile walk this morning. I really fell out of my workout routine this last month. It amazes me how fast one can put pounds on, but it takes what seems like forever to get them back off. 😩

I’m thankful to have another day off from my outside employment tomorrow. Maybe I will get some more sewing done. Happy Labor Day!

Today Was a Good Day

I don’t have a Friday finish, but it was a day of accomplishments. I don’t have to go into the office on Fridays for my main employment as we’ve gone to a four day work week.

I still had a lot of work to do here at home. With everything that happened around my father’s passing, I had gotten really behind in housework, laundry, the office work for our oilfield business, writing checks to pay our bills and bills from my daddy’s medical care, thank you notes to those that sent plants, flowers, donations, etc. The list of not so fun “to do’s” is long and exhausting. So, I used my timer. I would set it for 45 minutes and attack some chores til it went off. Then I would set it for a 15 minute quilting break as a little reward motivation. I did this from the time I was up and dressed until 2:30 when I went to pick up my grandson from kindergarten so we could have a little afternoon play date.

I got one whole chevron completed for baby Z’s quilt. This one is going to go together quick! And, it’s fun. I’m loving it! Six more colors to go!


Oh Boy! Good Mail Day!

The rest of the fabrics I ordered to go with the ones I pulled from my stash for soon to be Baby Z’s quilt arrived today! I have to get these washed and pressed so I can get started cutting my squares! I’m so excited to see how this comes together! 

If you’ve read the previous post, you know I’m planning to make a chevron quilt. The light gray print on bottom will be the background for the zig zags in the other colors. Then there may or may not be an appliqué added on top in the darker gray in this next photo. 

Either way, I can’t wait to work on it! I absolutely adore this next piece of fabric. I only ordered one yard to use  in the  light blue zig zag, but now I think I must get more because this fabric just needs to be the backing also!! I was going to make the backing from the light gray print, but I’m just too in love with this blue and all the sweet sayings in it. 

I needed a dose of  pretty fabric “medicine”. A dear friend passed away yesterday. He was like a brother to my late husband, who passed away five years ago this past May. I think a wonderful reunion is happening on the other side. 

And, my new Prince and I took his young prince back to the  airport today to fly home to his mom and stepdad. We really enjoyed the past two weeks with this sweet young man. I’ve only known him for two years, but our relationship has come very easily. We seem to have bonded well. I already miss having him here. I know Efren does! I wish he didn’t live ten hours away from us, so we could be together much more often. I snapped some pics of him and his dad before we left. Love these guys and I’m thankful to have them in my life now. 

Wrapping Them in Love

Isn’t that one of the best things about being a quilter? Being able to literally wrap your loved ones in something you made with love!? These photos from my daughter-in-law of my sweet grand baby C snuggled in the quilt I made him made my heart melt. 

His big brother C sleeps under this quilt I made for him and I love how it looks on his bed. 

I now have a plan for Baby Z’s quilt, and am anxiously waiting on an order of fabrics to arrive to go with the pieces I have pulled from my stash so I can get started on the piecing. This is the bedding his mom bought for his crib. 

It looks like it was made to go with C’s quilt! What a coincidence! So, I decided that baby Z’s quilt will  be a chevron quilt, and after perusing different ways to put them together, I ran across another tutorial video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. that uses 10″ squares and finishes out at just the size I was wanting to make. They use layer cakes for their tutorial, but I couldn’t find one with the colors I want, so I will cut my own 10″ squares from yardage I have chosen. I also plan to embellish it with some appliqué that goes with the theme my daugter-in-law has chosen for his baby decor. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!