Saturday Stitching

Did a little longarming.

Did a little piecing. The center portion of my Fons & Porter Stars & Stripes Sampler is finally complete and ready for borders.  The piecing has some issues and I will have some challenges to “quilt out”, lol. Nobody to blame but myself, hehe.

Before I left town for my work trip, I also did a little online shopping. These little gems were waiting for me when I got home, and I can’t wait for the right project to try them out! Lisa Calle’s Quilter’s Groove rulers…these things seem like they will be awesome to use!

Other than that, not much to say today. Hope your weekend is great!

Big Behemoth Quilt Update

I love my Circle Lord. I love feathers. I love it when a plan comes together. :D

(Margo, guess I’m doing feathers instead of the leaves I originally planned.)

Here is a little snippet of some filler I going to use in some of the tan sections. I only did this one bit before going on to finish the ditch work and start the feathered star medallions. I just had to see if I liked the idea I had for it. I was trying to do something that would mimic the print in the darker tan fabric.

I’m going to be headed off to a work conference in Galveston for a few days, so I won’t get to work on it anymore for about a week. :(  I’m going to miss it while I’m gone! Gosh, it feels good to be enjoying my quilting again! I just wish I could yell to Greg, “hey honey! Come see this!” And then, I would hear him say “Cool!!”

It’s not perfect (not that my quilting ever is, lol) but, considering I haven’t done this kind of work in probably close to two years now, I’m pretty happy with it. Also, the lighting in my quilting room sucks, making it hard to see where I’m going or where I’ve been sometimes. I need to find a solution to that problem.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

I ran away for a few days :)

But, before I did that, I loaded this behemoth on the machine and started quilting it.

It’s my first leap back into doing real “custom” quilting since sometime in 2010, before everything happened with Greg. I’ve only gotten some of the straight line ruler work done, but so far so good, I think.  And, I’ve been totally enjoying the process.  I will share a little peek with you. :)

Nothing too exciting yet, but still, a big step back into my life for me. :)

Now, about that running away.  I really, truly did.  All the way to Jamaica! :D  It was wonderful!
And, it was another big step for me. I had never been out of the U.S. before.  I went with one of my best girlfriends and we had a great time.  She moved to Arkansas awhile back, so we don’t get to see each other that often anymore, so that made the trip even more special. I really needed that little getaway.  We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay.

This is me standing on our balcony before we went out to dinner.

And, one of me enjoying a refreshing tropical beverage and the beautiful view before we went shopping on our last day there.

That’s it for now. I think I will go do a little more stitching on that quilt!

Quilting to Report! :)

For many months after Greg passed, I just couldn’t get back into my quilting. He was so involved in that part of my life. Very interested and so supportive. I just couldn’t get my mojo back. But, finally, the fire is burning within me again. I am working on my projects and it’s bringing me joy. I am trying to turn all my WIP’s into completed items. Or, at least make a good dent in them before I start on new ones. I know that I will not be able to refrain from starting a new thing, here or there, before I finish ALL my WIPs. In the past week, I have quite a little bit of new progress to report.

I finished my “chicken quilt”. Just a simple turning twenty made with mostly chicken themed fabrics, quilted with Willow Leaf studio’s Fancy This panto. I had everything but the binding finished close to two years ago, now. Now, it’s finally draped over the back of my sofa, ready to snuggle up in during the chilly Fall/Winter months. I actually took a little nap under it yesterday.

I pulled out a little pre-cut table runner kit I have had for probably three years now. I  bought it from Chery’s Quilt Corner, in Guymon. It was designed by Judy Rice. I am so happy to see it on my table in time for pumpkin season this year! I quilted it on my longarm. For the pumpkin vines that were supposed to be done by machine or hand embroidery, I just threaded my longarm with some green thread and did them as part of the quilting.

That little table runner just makes me smile. I love pumpkins!

Last night I loaded the Oklahoma Backroads (pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville) quilt that I started making for my Mom, back before she was diagnosed with lymphoma. So, I know this has been a WIP for over two years. I pulled it off the longarm just a little bit ago. It’s a scrap quilt, with pretty much bits and pieces of any and ever quilt I had previously made in it. I could have done a better job with the fabric values, which would have made the stars and “roads” stand out better, but she will love it for snuggling up in. It’s so busy that I decided to do a freehand “paisley-ish” allover meander on it, just to give it a nice texture. Also, being that I really avoided my longarm for over a year, and the year before that it was barely used, these little projects are a good way to sharpen up my skills again. I’m a little rusty and these are good confidence builders. I am pleased to report that my longarm just took right off, and is working perfectly, even after all that sitting, waiting for me to come back to her. That was a big relief.

Now to get the binding and a label on it, and it’s soon to be a finish, as well. :) I’m ready for it to go live with Mom!

Greg was in one of my dreams last night. At first, I wanted so badly to dream about him, because it would feel, in a way, as if he was still here, as if I had seen and talked to him. And the funny thing is, those dreams didn’t come right away. Now, when they do, I have really mixed emotions about it. Waking up after one is certainly  more painful. Because, it does feel as if he was just here, as if I just talked with him, saw him, and possibly even touched him. And then, I wake up.

I alluded to a “special someone” in a previous recent post. Yes, I am seeing someone. But no, that takes nothing away from the loss of what I had.  And, he lives six hours away. Long, but sweet, story. Someday maybe I will share it here. :)

In the meantime, I will be trying to figure out the best way to reply to your comments. While I was away, it seems WordPress changed the comment notification emails. It used to be that I could reply directly, and privately to the commenter by replying through the notification email that WordPress sent. That is no longer the case. I can click on the email address of the commenter, and send a whole new email, which is probably what I will begin doing. If I reply through the WordPress email, it posts directly here on the blog, but I don’t know if the commenter gets notification that there has been a repy. Do any of you know? I do read all your comments and have been very lax about responding during these past many months. I intend to start doing better about that again! Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for all the cyber love you have sent my way. :)

Setback Day?

Today has been one of those days. I worked in my Perryton office, rather than the Borger office, where I spend most of my working time these days. Maybe that was part of it. The weather changed. It was definitely a chilly, damp, cloudy Fall kind of day. Maybe the change in seasons is part of the reason. I have worked in the Perryton office several times since Greg passed, so I don’t know what makes today one of “those” days…a day I’m calling a “setback day”, simply because I don’t know what else to say to describe it. But, here I am, a year and four months past the date of his passing. And, all day it felt so unreal. Like all the space between was erased, and I had to keep reminding myself that he is gone. It started this morning when an ambulance went down Main St., and I caught myself thinking, as I used to do when this same event happened, that I should call Greg, just make sure it wasn’t him and that he was fine. Then I remembered that no, it wasn’t him, that he wasn’t fine, and all the stuff that happened from diagnosis of his brain tumor, to his death. All day I felt as if he should be coming to get me for lunch, should be down at the glass shop working away, that he should be coming home saying “what’s for dinner?” It feels so surreal again. Yep, well over a year later…a setback day. Strange how they just come along for no apparent reason. I wonder what makes it feel so fresh all over again. Just musing aloud, there…I know there isn’t a definitive answer to that question.

I have been doing some….

QUILTING!! I finally finished a couple lap quilts, that only needed binding finished and labeled. One, I started before Greg’s diagnosis. The other, a gift for a friend, I started while he was still in the LTACH, but I was spending a few days home, and a few days there, dividing my time between him, work, and things that needed tended to at home. Anyway, it feels good to finally have them finished.

This one is the gift for a friend. She flew from her home in Arkansas, to spend a few days with me in Lubbock, while Greg was still in the main hospital, and I was barely holding myself together. The emotional and mental support she gave me those few days meant so much. It’s a 1600 quilt made from a jelly roll. This first photo is “pre-washing”. I quilted it with the Seven Treasures of Buddha (aka orange peel) template boards from Circle Lord. Love them!!


I liked it before, but I love the look of it after washing and drying. It makes it look so “quilty”. :)



This one is Boxed In, another jelly roll quilt, from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book, Let the Good Times Roll. I quilted it with a holly berry pattern, as the fabrics are Christmas themed. I used QD wool batting in this one. It’s the first time I have washed and dried a quilt with a wool batting, and it washed up beautifully! I had lost the good lighting to take a photo after washing, so this one is before.


I started a little table runner for fall. This is from a kit that I purchased form Cheryl’s Quilt Corner in Guymon, Ok, back in 2009. It is designed by Judy Rice. It’s all ready to go on the longarm. I love pumpkins. For some reason, they just make me smile.


And, I’m working on a large king size quilt for a “special someone” that has come into my life. It’s an Eleanor Burns pattern, from her Still Stripping book.


I haven’t been keeping up with any blog reading, and I discovered this evening that I seem to have lost all the quilting blog subscriptions that I had in Google Reader. I thought I had successfully exported them to the new Google apps thingy. Guess I didn’t. Oh well…no big deal thing…I will start building a new list, and hope to be stopping by to see some of you again. :)

I. Am. Still. Here.

Wow. I cannot believe almost a whole year has passed since I posted here last. It really just became more than I could keep up with. Don’t expect to see a whole lot here, still…I’ve only recently even begun to work on my quilting projects again. But, I have started picking it back up, and maybe I will get around to posting about it again soon. I did give up all customer quilting. I just can’t handle that at this point, along with rebuilding my life and dealing with my regular job.  I have been through a lot of changes this past year, some good things along with the pain. So, I will start by dipping my toes back in ever so slightly and see how this goes. Will I stay at it? Who knows. :)

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